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  • Do you take same day bookings?
    I do not accept same day bookings from new clients. I take a great deal of time in preparation for our sessions and typically require at least 48 hours notice. Established clients may request last minute bookings but availability will be limited.
  • Do you do outcall sessions? Will you travel to me?
    I currently offer sessions in my preferred chambers in Brighton and London. I will only consider sessions further afield with established clients, additional costs to be agreed.
  • Are multiple Mistress sessions available?
    Yes! I would enjoy the pleasure of tormenting you in collaboration with my wonderful Mistress friends. I also welcome the prospect of meeting and playing with new Mistresses should you have a particular one in mind.
  • Are overnight sessions available?
    Not currently.
  • Can I be your personal slave, houseboy, maid or errand runner?"
    I am only available for paid, professional bookings. My private life is strictly private.
  • Can I bring you a gift? Do I need to bring a gift?
    It is not necessary to bring a gift but of course thoughtful gifts will encourage my good disposition towards you. Gifts of stockings, gloves, lingerie and fetish items are always well received, as are fine wines and spirits and kinky toys.
  • Do you play with novices?
    Yes. I play with submissives of all experience levels and enjoy being part of a journey of discovery. However, if this is your first time I ask that you communicate this to me along with an idea of where your interests and limits may lie. It is OK to not have a concrete “script”, in fact I prefer not to, but if you can indicate to me what you are curious about then I will guide you to the best of my ability. You can aid me by being honest throughout. See "sessions" for guidance.
  • Do you play with women/queer/trans clients?
    I am available to play with people of all genders, sexual orientations and experience levels. Whilst most of my clientele is male, women and trans clients are warmly and enthusiastically welcomed.
  • Do you offer couples sessions?
    Yes, I enjoy these very much. However, I will need to speak with both parties in advance.
  • Do you offer phone or webcam sessions?
    Not presently, I enjoy the adrenaline and human connection of a face to face encounter.
  • Can I bring my own toys/clothing/etc to the session?
    Absolutely! If you have items of clothing or toys that you would like to be incorporated into our session, you are most welcome to bring them along. It may not always be possible or desirable to involve them at the last minute so you advised to discuss this with me in advance and I will accommodate you if I can.
  • You have smoking pictures, do you offer smoking sessions? Are you a smoker?"
    I am not a smoker but I do enjoy the aesthetic of a Dominant woman with a cigar. I enjoy incorporating smoking fetishes and ashtray play into sessions, where I will smoke spiced cigarillos and slim cigars. However, it is not always permitted to smoke within the premises I use, please ask in advance. You are never permitted to smoke in my presence.
  • I have a specific clothing fetish. Will you wear it for me?
    I have a great appreciation for fetishists of all types and enjoy indulging your kinks when appropriate and possible. Some items of clothing may not be suitable for all session activities, due to their restrictive nature or other properties. You may request certain garments or materials but it is up to my mood and the logistics of our session whether I choose to indulge you or not. I have a great love of vintage fetish; corsets, stockings and gloves, ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s fashions, tailored suits and evening wear, that is reflected in my wardrobe. I also have many exquisite fetish garments in latex or leather. I enjoy my own shoe and boot fetish, though again some of the more spectacular footwear is impractical for session purposes. If you have a deep desire to involve a specific item I cannot provide, then you are welcome to purchase it for me. Anyone asking me to wear “as little as possible” will find themselves disappointed. This is the surest way to make me cover up.
  • Can I call you on the phone?
    Not until you've earned the privilege of my number.
  • What are your tribute rates?
    Rates are available upon request.
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